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mrhowmuch 10-06-2005 02:33 AM

Harassing calls from Capital One. We have no accounts with Capital One.
The calls started in September. We are aware of at least two calls each day from Capital One identified as 800-955-6600 on our caller ID. If we do not pick up the phone within four rings and the call is picked up by our answering machine, they hang up.

On several occasions, when we answer the phone and ask who is calling, we are given a name that we cannot understand and when we ask if they are Capital One and for the representative to spell their name or supply an employee ID number, we are hung up on (I suspect that these calls originate from a call center in India).

When we were hung up on we contacted Capital One at 800-955-6600 and demanded to speak to a manager to again advise that we have no connection whatsoever with the person that they are trying contact and to stop calling us. Each time they refused to connect us with a manager or left us on hold without ever connecting us. They also refused to supply us with a physical address stating they only had a PO Box.

We have also emailed complaints to Capital One. We were promised that the calls would cease, but they did not.

Has anyone had a similar experience with Capital One? Has anyone filed a lawsuit for such unacceptable behavior?

indepth 11-13-2005 05:26 PM

List your number for do-not-call. You can also file a complaint as I did towards this number. They were calling 3x per day (noted on my caller ID)

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