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Angry Sounds familiar!!!

I actually just hung up with SBC for the 3rd time regarding the same issue.
I moved out of state, they would not disconnect my DSL without a cancellation fee, which would have been more than paying out the remainder of the contract I apparently agreed to when signing up for DSL…which I clearly remember was NEVER mentioned! So I continued to pay the monthly charge and terminated my service at the end of the contract. However, SBC billed me for service even after my DSL and phone line were disconnected. Not only did they bill me they automatically deducted the funds from my checking account.
I have argued with 3 customer service account reps regarding this. Each telling me the billing was correct.....even after I asked them to confirm what date my DSL and phone were disconnected.... and then asked them to confirm the dates they were billing for. The service was disconnected on the March 23rd, and I was billed for serivce from March 24th to the April 23rd. I had to almost draw a picture of a calendar before any of the reps could understand that the 24th comes AFTER the 23rd...after the date my service, both DSL and phone were DISCONNECTED!!!
Then they had the nerve to tell me that it was my error the funds were deducted from my bank account, because I failed to discontinue my auto-pay..... Well from where I am sitting, it seems there should not be any auto-pay for a NON-WORKING phone number??? Call me crazy!
After I managed to draw the picture for customer service, I was told by EACH one a refund would be issued within 30 days.....
Well it is now 90 days later, and I have just been told AGAIN there is no record of any refund due on my account.
I JUST BLEW UP at the customer service rep Kelly. I finally was able to speak to a supervisor, and let her have it with both barrels too. I have been told there is NO guarantee, but I should have a refund within 30 days.
I asked if they could do a special refund request, and was told yes, but it can take 14-20 days processing time, so I wouldnt get it any faster then just the regular refund request...ONCE AGAIN I HAD TO DRAW A PICTURE for these people.... hmmmmm 14-20 days vs 30days.............
Any way I was told a special refund request would be put in today, and I ASSURED the supervisor Monica, that I would be calling back requesting to speak to her next week to follow up on this, and would continue to call her until it was taken care of.
I apologized for being so snippy, but told her she was suffering the consequences of other people not doing their job correctly, and maybe something should be done to properly train their staff, because their piss-poor customer service is only shadowed by their ignorance.

Thanx for letting me vent!
I am sorry that anyone else has to go through this too.
SBC has absolutely piss-poor customer service and they obviously dont care.
I am writing complaint letters and posting everywhere I possibly can.
I hope everyone who has problems with SBC does just that.

I'll let you know in 20 days!!

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