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Old 11-08-2005, 08:29 PM
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Unhappy Email and Harrassment abuse from Another Yahoo group

Hello I just found your forum site was looking to somehow get some help due to a Freecycle group and freecycle cafe group, moderators and some members sending me harassing, abusive and threatening emails, infilterating my group which I began because I and several of my members who all chose to leave their group due to them allowing rules to be bent and broken by some and not others and other things going on. We formed our own group called SpokaneRecycledFreestuff. Immedeately all 4 moderators joined our group and objected to my starting it at all. Objected to and said I was bashing them when I posed a question to members about allowing the moderators from their group to stay in ours, some members had privately emailed me to state they were spying and looking for trouble to put our group down. I was not bashing them only asked a simple question. Then some of them copied posts by members and my self, edited them and then posted the edited version in their freecycle cafe group which I am a member of. One of my members I had made a moderator also turned out to be a Judas and she and 2 other people who were moderators from the other two groups kept attempting to post things to stir trouble and I kept deleting them and any and all other posts that stirred up controversy. Because they had nothing to do with the group at all. I have copies of emails and posts from many. I sent a private email from my primary account to members and my moderators as a question poll on 3 things, Then the Judas moderator took it and twisted it and sent the edited version to the other group and group moderators. They won't stop they have used foul inappropriate language and calling me a liar and other things. Their goal is to keep people from joining my group and to get people to leave my new group and return to theirs. But so far more and more are leaving them and joining mine and sending me emails they don't like what has been happening in the old group they had been in. I am competiton to the Freecycle group and they don't like it. Yahoo is not responding to my complaints. Any suggestions. My son and attorney said I can sue these people for harrassment and defamation of character and slander if they continue. He lives 15 miles from me. I am not going to their groups posting anything derrogatory or abusive and not responding to their abuse in retaliation or negatively. I have plenty of people who will stand up about the abuse these primarly 5 people from those two groups have been doing to me and my group and members. Several have retained emails in case it needs to be used for proof of their abuse for an investigation. Including myself. Thanks. Jen
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