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Old 01-15-2006, 03:01 AM
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Default Bait and Lure

My fiancee[Gary] is looking for a 2006 Toyota Corolla, 5 speed Transmisson,AM FM Radio,and with Air.For a good price. No One will work with him.
Gary spoke to dealers where we live which is Ruston.LA,71270.No One would work with him.So he went to monroe,LA.30 MILES away.Still No One.Then he emailed John Harvey Toyota in Bossier City LA, and recieved a phone call from awoman Asst.Business Manager.She said we will be having the corolla he wanted coming in this week for 11,900.00.Gary said that he would contact her back to see when they where in.[Jan.7.06]
On Jan,11.06 She emailed Gary and wrote [We have a beige corolla on the lot for 12,900.90.Gary then emailed her back and quoted her original price of 11,900.00.The only response back was junk mail.I told him that maybe he should let them know upfront that he did not want to finance but pay in full cash in hand as soon as they recieved there Corollas in lot.Then the very next day Jan 13.06 we recieved a phone call by a man named phillip who said he is the manager of ebusiness of Harvey Toyota and said they have [alot] of corollaS 5 speed,AM.FM.CD,With Air.For 11,900.00 and thats what we advertise them for in the newspaper. and could you come in today to buy one. Gary said he couldnt because he was at work at that time.So Gary and Phillip set up a time to meet the next day Saturday Jan.14,06.
That Saturday morning Jan.14,8:30am Mr.Phillip called to confirm there meeting.Gary and his mother drove 72 miles to get there.
They were greeted by a man named willie sales consultant.Phillip shook garys hand and said that the man willie will help you pick your corolla out.They then walked out into the car lot where the corollas were.Willie said there is no 5 speeds here but we have these automatics for a higher price WELL NEEDLESS TO SAY THIS MADE GARY VERY UPSET.So he went back to talk to Phillip in person about the 11,900.00 deal that was promised over the phone the day before.Phillip said we sold them last night,and that were trying to get two more right now.So gary and his mother waited 30 minutes for a silver corolla that Willie said was coming and gary could buy that one.Later Willie and another man[didnt get his name]said we could have one in by the end of the month but you [gary]must put a deposit down,or you[gary]can buy one of the Corollas in the lot, its an automatic for 12,990.00.Gary got so upset and asked a man[no name] why would you make me drive 72 miles with my mothers help to buy a corolla that you didnt even have from the begining?Phillip said nothing and this man who gary didnt even do business with told gary we dont want your business.Here are my Questions. Is this false
advertisement?Is this a Bait and Lure?I couldnt agree more with the post I read,
( But we will always remember the way we were treated and we will be able to tell our story to other Hard Working Americans that deserve better. One voice and others will follow.)
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