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Old 09-14-2005, 01:05 AM
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Default SBC Executive Appeals Office

I have been through the ringer with SBC voice support and internet support both. I have spent literally hours talking, asking niceley, berating, and demanding satisfaction from these people with no luck so far.

Here's the situation. I have a complaint about the "display page" that is put up on a user's email account when it has been disabled for billing problems. To make a long story short, it states that SBC has received a cancellation notice from the account user and that service has been disconnected. That is a load of bull hockey. Not once has a request been filed for disconnection of my service. It is purely a billing problem, which, in this particular instance, was corrected and my service was back up within a matter of a few hours.

My beef is with the fact that they state that the desceptive and outright lying display page is "standard operating procedure." Lying to your customers is now considered to be "standard operating procedure."

I want to be fair to SBC and so, I want to send a letter of complaint to their "Executive Appeals Office" (which, in and of itself, is somehow just wrong....I'm not sending an APPEAL, I'm sending a COMPLAINT). However, I have dealt with many other corporations and complaints need to reach a specific person in the office instead of just arriving at an anonymous PO Box where any low-level powerless underling is opening mail.

I have made an inquiry to both the voice support staff (resulting in a frustrating six hour run-around and "not-me" fest), as well as to the internet support staff, which (after several emails simply trying to get them to understand the basic question I was asking), they referred me back to the voice support staff whom I had already informed them had not been of any assistance to me in the first place.

Sorry for the long-winded message....I'm finally getting to my query.

Does anyone out here have a personal name and contact address for the person in charge of the SBC Office of Executive Appeals? I am not looking for a generic PO Box or a telephone number. I want the name of the person to whom I may write a letter of complaint, and the physical address to which it may be addressed directly to the individual.

If I am not able to gather this information, I am forced to escalate the situation to the upper management of the company. As I informed the underlings that were so unable to provide any assistance, I will be contacting Ed Whitacre (Chairman and CEO), James W. Callaway (Group President), Directors of the company, Presidents, SEVP's, VP's and other appropriate personnel.

Thanks for any assistance anyone can provide!
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Old 11-26-2005, 06:44 PM
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Here is the name and address of the Chief Operating Officer of SBC. You can write to Whitacre all day long and the guy is an ass that never responds.

Mr. Randall L. Stephenson, COO
SBC Communications, Inc.
175 East Houston
San Antonio, TX 78205-2233

I wrote to Mr. Stephenson (certified) with green card, and a week from the day I sent the letter I received a call from a woman who swore that Stephenson reads all customer mail and she spent an hour on the phone with me. Not that it necessarily did any good, but forget about Whitacre; all he does is put out lies to the stockholders and media; he apparently cares nothing about the company; just saving his own rear end (which is in trouble with the stockholders for his mismanagment of the company).

You can read about my experiences with SBC here:


Or you can read the lead in to the above now that SBC has bought out AT&T and is changing their name to AT&T here:



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