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Old 01-06-2006, 03:07 AM
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Default sbc really bad service

well the story i have to tell is very long i will keep it short but i want everyone that reads this to listen to this and be forwarned this company WILL screw you in the end!!!!!!!!!!
if i have the total package at home phone dsl dish never been charged the right amount always more for my dsl called every month and was going to get a "credit" on next month bill i let it go then i opened my own machine shop got sbc there paid my bills the day i got them just like at home at the shop is where things started going down hill i moved the shop 200 feet to a new spot in the building called sbc to have my phone moved and they did this but changed my billing address (i use a po box and never ask them to change this)well after a month and a half sbc shut my shop phone off when i called them they said i owe 478.98 i said i have not gotten a bill since the move they said i should have called them to get a bill if i did not get it in the mail (like they are the only person sending me a bill) i told the lady i spoke with you are a phone company if you did not get a payment you should call me i call my customers to "remind" them of past due payments i was then told i had to do a check by phone to get my phone turned on and i did just that then i get my new bill and it was 628.78 with a list of fees inclueding a re-connect fee and late charges i called them and after 3 hours on the phone i was told all they will take off is 25.00 late fee -remember they made the mistake by changing my billing addy.... well i canceled my service and went to MCI (good move my bill with them 85.00) so back at home i went with Time Warrener for everything phone cable roadrunner and they said they will contact sbc for the switch....guess what they made another error they turned off my sat. one week early but left the phone and dsl on they told me after a 65 minute talk they would turn my sat. back on if i pay the re-connection fee i said it was your mistake they refuse to do anything so i called time warrner and they are comming out tommorrow to get my tv back on so where does this leave me ......well i was at one point happy with sbc but this has gotten way out of hand i have 12 people go with sbc after i got it and i have contacted all of them telling them to switch i will pay my shops last bill of 628.78 in pennies (works out to just over 80 pounds of pennies) aas well as my last home bill the same way ithe way i figure it they have waisted hours of my time being on hold and being transfered for one person to the other only to go thru the stories over and over again not to mention the hundreds of dollars i have been over charged for my home dsl i figure i may as well waist there time counting there pennies because that is the last they will ever get from me . it may sound childish but they wont listen or give me a straight answer when i call them and that is just what a child will do when you catch them in a mistake.
p.s if you ever go to the bank to get over 6000 pennies there is a 2 week wait just in case some of you want to do the same
good luck with sbc your going to need it
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