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Old 02-23-2006, 09:06 PM
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Thumbs down SBC YAHOO is a RIPOFF

I just got off the phone with SBC after several hours of talking to different people.

What a mess thay made.

I called because I pay for a very high-speed connection and get it on just about every website constantly....except YAHOO. It loads like dial-up almost constantly.....S-L-O-W. Or you get "Page can't be displayed" Server maintainence seems very under staffed. I NEVER get a consistantly high speed connection to Yahoo, but can click to Google or anywhere else and they all load quick as a flash....while the Yahoo page just churns.

I was told by them I had to use the SBC Yahoo and not the regular Yahoo....and it took them 5 minutes to understand that I WAS already using instead of [url][/url].

Then they all told me they "understood" my problem with:

1.Yahoo offering NO webpage support comparable to every other ISP's home page support

2. Yahoo increasing ads on PAY customers along with the free customers. The extra script messes with explorer.

3. Yahoo allowing spam past their spam filters by allowing spammers to pay them to spam spam the PAY customers.

4. Yahoo homepage issue of refreshing itself automatically no matter what windows explorer setting you choose. You can read down your home page and FLASH, the page refreshes and back to the top.
Like someone taking a book you are reading and closing it losing your place...then handing it back to you. They tried to say it was my explorer setting....when I emailed back that it was not...and as a MCSE I would know how to check....they never responded back. That was 1 1/2 years ago and I'v sent several reminders which no reply has been given.

So while everyone I talked to said they see my issue....noone was able to do anything. As usual. SBC only deals with the connection, not the website. And Yahoo thinks that its users are beneath them or something to actually give real support....even to its PAY supporters.

The SBC people did give me phone numbers to complain to and agreed that they need to hear it.

Complain to SBC who recently bought AT&T. Ask them to use the AT&T web portal instead of Yahoo....and tell them every issue you have had with Yahoo.

Their number to complain is 1-800-579-7861 SBC business offices

Complain to Yahoo and tell them that you are advocating SBC drop them if they cannot offer comparable service to other ISP's web pages and support.

Yahoo number is 866-849-8231
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