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Chammy 02-15-2006 01:14 AM

SBC service complaints take a supervisor on duty?
My girlfreind and I have had a similar problem. We were late on a payment, and to my knowlegde and past experience with them it seems odd, well, I guess we were behind a month or 2 and they wanted to suspend us, so they did, but nothing about disconnecting the service as we were on a contract. The service rep for SBC gave us a certain ammount of time to pay in which my girlfreind gladly said that a payment was on the way. Well we check back and they said,very blatantly, that our service was disconnected and that it will cost us 200 or so dollars for the freakin discconnection fee , when we really didnt want it disconnected. She is on the phone with them as I write this and for 3 hours straight trying to get a supervisor or at least someone credible to talk to cause now they are denying that anyone ever said anything and that there was a 30 day loop hole that transpired that they so convineintly didnt tell her. She had asked for a sup numbers of times and someone got on and she asked if she was the supervisor and the person paused for a little then said yes. Then my girlfreind asked her name, then the person asked her to hold on again. Now our caller ID is disabled and thats a totally different service from the DSL internet service that we are gripeing about. Jesus Christ! They will be cursed! :mad:

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