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Angry SBC Jerry-Rigs our phone line installation

When we moved into our new home in Roanoke, TX, SBC installed our phone line by simply running a cord from the pole across our lawn to the outside of our house. We have complained about it, but it stayed that way for 7 months! Since we don't use our phone that much, I didn't get too upset, but our lawn service ran over the line, cutting it over 7 months ago. Recently, I decided to get SBC out to repair it again, and GUESS WHAT? They came over BEFORE our scheduled appointment time(to get away with shoddy work in my opionion) and did the same thing again- just ran a live telephone line over our lawn to our house!!!! I am amazed and appalled at the audacity they have in doing such obviously disgusting work. I feel like suing them for all the stress they have caused me over the past year. On top of all that, they laughed when I asked for a refund of the UNUSED, CUT phone line for the past 7 months....
I can't believe they get away with stuff like this. I'm surprised there aren't more bomb threats at their corporate building. I am a pretty easy-going person, too. Their complete disregard for basic service, courtesy, and workmanship makes me so angry because it impacts my life in a negative way. They can't even uphold what they are PAID to do.
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