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Angry SBC Nightmare!

I am just plain fed up with SBC/SBC Yahoo service. Moved the first of the year and guess what ---my bill is 3 X what was quoted to me when I signed on to the service!. I kick myself for choosing this unfriendly, uncooperative mega-company! I wanted to let others know that SBC is not a company anyone with choices should deal with. I have asked them repeatedely if they would send me confirmation email of thier promises to send repair/technical service---guess what they tell me ----they do not have access to email?????? WHAT>???????They provide our internet! Three times they have promised to send out a technician, and guess what---no show each time spent all day on three different occassions waitning for them and nobody showed up. When I wanted to register a complaint, I was told that I would have to WRTIE a letter to MO. They do not have an electronic way to communicate with thier customers. WHAT A JOKE! WARNING CHOOSE another compnay if you want reliable, honest service!!!!
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