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SBC has very misleading ads, and they fail to tell you that after the first year promotional deal, your rate for only the Express service will go to $49.95 which is $7 more per month than Comcast's standard rate which is for 4 Mbps service instead of 1.5 Mbps max.

I have been with them for 10.5 months as both telephone and DSL customer and it has been a non stop nightmare.

You can read all about my experinces here:


I am not surprised that they have a high turnover of customers after the first year; so does Cingular (60% owned by SBC) and as a result Verizon is rapidly overtaking them.

I really do not understand what is wrong with the management at SBC . . . they fail to understand that they must be competitive price-wise and service-wise. Is the management just another crowd with golden parachutes that don't care what they do to the company?

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