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Well, I looked at Speakeasy, and it looks to me like you have to go with a T1 line . . . ? Not cost effective unless you are a business with high volume traffic. Even the town of Addison, TX has gotten around having to pay for a T1 line by making a deal with RedMoon for free wireless service in return for which RedMoon is allowed to sell broadband service to any residents for $30/month while using the antennas they installed for the City.

Also, I know that in theory anyone can use your phone lines, but as a practical matter, SBC (and other companies) managed to get legislation passed that pretty well put AT&T out of business in the local phone business in Texas in areas where SBC owns the lines. This is rather academic in the case of AT&T because it has been mismanaged into the ground over the past decade with one incompetant CEO after another, to the point where SBC is trying to buy the remains out, but I would think the same factors would be involved with *any* service that was trying to use SBC lines.

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