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Default You Think you customers have it bad

Hello all,
I have worked for SBC for 4 years now since the merger of Ameritech and SBC,before that I worked for Ameritech for 8 years.
I can relate with everything that is said about SBC customer service,these people have to follow a script on EVERY call or they are out the door!
SBC is nothing more than a blood sucking leech that will stop at nothing to make a profit at your expense and ours.

I too have a complaint,I was suspended yesterday for 1 day to be servered on 5-16-05 for my cell phone bill,Cingular-we are majority owners in that company.All company calls FROM FEBUARY this is now May 13.
I had 1200 minutes are they only allow 1000 minutes I can deal with that but from Febuary? Please don't get angry with the employees of SBC they go through more grief than you could ever imagine.
Please call you state reps. from Illinois and ask that they vote down SB1700 this is critical.If you think it's bad now let SB1700 pass.
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