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Default I'm having the same issues

I am a comcast customer who's phone lines are drooping in the backyard (I can reach up and swing on them if I wanted) after a major storm tore off (literally) the top half of our phone pole last week. Com Ed came and repaired the pole and electrical lines within 24 hours. Comcast took a week to send someone who just informed me that the lines all belong to SBC. SBC will not come out because I am not a customer. So-now my children can't even play in the back yard because of these lines and no one at SBC cares. This is why I am NOT an SBC customer. Comcast told me to call the village hall which I did. Now I can't wait to see what happens next and how long it will actually take. SBC has to be one of the worst customer service places on Earth (next to Hewlett Packard that is, which is a whole other complaint!).
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