Help Desk & Customer Service Software

  • Supports Multiple Websites
  • Supports Mupltiple Addresses
  • No Software to Install
  • Integrated Knowledge Base
  • Rock Solid Stability
  • Auto-Build KB/FAQ
  • Email Notification
  • Eliminate SPAM
  • Saves Time and Money

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Who is SupportSentry?

Support Sentry was founded by a group of website owners who saw a need for an online customer service product that:

1) supports multiple websites in one location, eliminating the need to manage multiple email profiles, run multiple software applications and bounce back and forth between them


2) was affordable (other solutions on the market are way too expensive for most small to medium web site owners to afford).

We know that for the small to medium sized website owner every penny counts and no one wants to, or can afford to, spend a lot of money on an online support solution.

With these goals in mind, we started work on Support Sentry. Designed from the ground up to have all the features of customer service solutions costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month.

The first version of Support Sentry came on line over 3 years ago and has been tested privately among a number of successful e-commerce and informational websites. With servers located in some of the nation's largest network operations centers (Verio) and monitored 24 hours a day, your customer support system will be there when you need it. Don't let the price fool you, Support Sentry is a full featured, scalable, online customer support system that can be set up in minutes (simply insert the Support Sentry links provided into your web pages). And you can try our WebSupport and WebSupport PRO customer service software free for 30 days...you have nothing to lose but the time you will save by using our system. Sign Up for your FREE support panel now.


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