Help Desk & Customer Service Software

  • Supports Multiple Websites
  • Supports Mupltiple Addresses
  • No Software to Install
  • Integrated Knowledge Base
  • Rock Solid Stability
  • Auto-Build KB/FAQ
  • Email Notification
  • Eliminate SPAM
  • Saves Time and Money

STOP getting SPAMed from your website email addresses.

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What is WebSupport?

WebSupport is a scalable, hosted customer service software solution, with integrated Knowledge Base, that is 100% web based. Unlike other enterprize level solutions, costing 10-20 times more, WebSupport can be activated and configured in minutes using out step-by-step setup wizard. WebSupport was designed and built by experienced eCommerce professionals who needed a centralized customer support system that could handle all of their websites' customer service requests. WebSupport is reliable, easy to use, will save you time, and provide top-notch customer service to your clients.

Features and Benefits of the WebSupport Service

  • Setup in minutes using our step-by-step wizard.
  • Supports multiple websites, each with their own identity.
  • 100% Web Based, no software to install.
  • Customize appearance to match your site.
  • Automatically answers questions for you (see Knowledge Base / FAQ).
  • Fast, reliable and completely scalable.


  • WS PRO handles requests initiated via email and/or our web support panel.
  • Replies to all emails with correct website profile based on what site initiated the request.
  • Eliminate 99% of spam sent to any email addresses using our "double opt-in" feature utilizing a CAPTCHA (computer-generated test that humans can pass but that computer programs cannot).
  • Reclaim email addresses abandoned due to the large amount of SPAM they receive
  • PRO users can reply to all requests via email (no need to log into the Admin panel).
  • Be notified of new requests instantly via email.

Knowledge Base / FAQ

  • Completely Web Based - No software to install. We host the application on our machines in state of the art Verio network operations centers.
  • Auto-response system - If turned "on", your WebSupport system can automatically supply your customers with answers when they submit a question via the support panel or email.
  • Easy to use - Developed by web site operators, our system is simple to use so you can get started creating your knowledge base system or FAQ in minutes.
  • Completely customizable - Customize the look and feel of your support panel to match your websites color scheme, logos and more.
  • Free help* - WebSupport PRO users, let us setup your account for you.
  • Web based installation wizard - No istallation required. Just follow the step by step wizard or we can help you every step of the way.
  • Knowledge Base categories - Organize your questions and answers in easy to use categories.
  • Powerful searching - Your customers can easily find questions and answers using the simple to use search feature.
  • Easy to use HTML editor - Add knowledgebase entries using the integrated Knowledge Base builder, directly through your web browser.
  • Browse questions - Let your customers browse the questions and answers in your knowledgebase system, quickly and easily via your support panel.

Multiple Identities

  • Create as many website accounts or identities as you would like.
  • WebSupport will reply with the appropriate identity based on the email address or website the request originated from.
  • Manage all of your websites' customer service in one window

Who Will Benefit from Using WebSupport?

  • Anyone who operates a website
  • Anyone interacting with people via email
  • Anyone who wants to eliminate SPAM originating from their website
  • Anyone looking to provide a first class customer service experience and save themselves time

Service Feature Comparison

  SupportSentry SpamBlock SupportSentry WebSupport SupportSentry WebSupport PRO
Cost FREE $19.99/month ($199.99/year)
30 Days FREE!
$34.95/month ($349.50/year)
30 Days FREE!
Instant Access Now Yes Yes Yes
Multiple Site Support Yes Yes Yes
Email Notification Yes Yes Yes
Removes Email Address From Website Yes Yes Yes
Copy and Paste Link Nothing to Install Yes Yes Yes
Request Tracking   Yes Yes
Auto-Build FAQ   Yes Yes
Knowledgebase   Yes Yes
Multiple Email Identities   Yes Yes
Unlimited Requests Yes* Yes * Yes*
Saves Time and Money   Yes Yes
Customized Support Panel   Yes Yes
Canned Responses   Yes Yes
Pre-Configured Panel     Yes
Email Handling     Yes
Followups By Email     Yes
Spam Filtering Yes Yes Yes
*High traffic sites may incur additional charges above 2000 requests per month


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