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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Builder

What is a FAQ?

A FAQ is a list of Frequently Asked Questions and their answers for a website or a specific product. This allows people to find answers to a question they may have without having to contact you. Many times this will allow someone to feel comfortable enough about a product or service so that they will order the product without speaking to a sales representative before hand.

Why do You Need a FAQ?

The advantages of having a FAQ or multiple FAQ's on your website are obvious. Allowing your customers to find answers to common questions and building their confidence in you and your product is crucial to your success. A FAQ helps you to bridge the gap between a skeptical user and a confident buyer.

How do I Build a FAQ?

Building one is another story. Automated tools for building FAQ's have been hard to come by in the past and usually require you to make significant modifications to the output or just live with something that does not fit into your website seamlessly. We have integrated an automatic FAQ builder tool into both our WebSupport and WebSupport PRO online customer service tools. Both serivces allow you to customize the look and feel of your support panel making it appear seamless to your customers. Building it is as easy as typing a question and answer into two separate boxes and clicking the submit button. Our software will then format it to your liking and publish it in your website's FAQ.

How Does Your FAQ Work?

Our FAQ builder integrates your FAQ into your support panel giving your customers easy and immediate access to all of their support needs. Your FAQ, Knowledge Base (if configured) and support contact is all available in one convenient panel. Increasing the chances of a successful transaction.

Our WebSupport and WebSupport PRO online support services have been tested and improved over the past five years, giving you a rock solid, effecient customer service system. We are so confident you will find it an invaluable part of your online business(es), that we are not only offering a 30 day trial period, but also a performance guarantee. Try our servieces, we know you will love them.


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