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SupportSentry Web Resources

Below are some helpful resources on the web. They range from customer service and help desk resources to cool places we thought you might like to know about.

Search Resources

If you have spent time looking through search engine results pages, then you know a recommendation from someone is worth gold when it comes to your time. Here are a few search resources we use every day.

  • Google Directory Customer Service Software

    The world's most popular search portal. It is all we use these days.

  • Action Learning

    Action Learning.com, is the place on the web for people or organizations looking for coaching or training.

  • The Customer Service Site

    Everything from customer service and help desk software reviews to CRM solutions, training and more.

  • Dev Dreams

    Webmaster and technology related directory. Human edited to keep quality sites in and bad sites out.

Computer Resources

We have spent a lot of time searching the web for computer programmers and network hardware for our own business. Here are a few places we have found, and use, when we are looking for help.

  • Weblink Solutions

    Weblink Solutions Corporation offers web-based e-commerce distribution management and point-of-sale solutions for medium to large distribution companies worldwide. If you are running Activant solutions to manage your company's database you can now publish it on the web.

  • Computer and Networking Deals

    Computer parts and networking equipment deals from around the web. Updated in real time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Computer Programmer

    The best computer programmer we know of.

  • Webmaster Directory

    Webmaster directory and content management tools at Sitebox.

Information Resources

Here are some resources ranging from commercial real estate to tax deferred exchanges.


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